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Overview of Convergence Online Help


Address Book



How Do I Quickly Create an Event?

How Do I Create an Event?

How Do I Schedule an Event in a Time Zone Other Than my Calendar Time Zone?

How do I Check the Availability of the Participants in my Events?

How Do I Clone an Event?

How Do I Edit Events That Are Already Created?

How Do I Delete Events ?

Searching Events or Tasks In My Calendar

How Do I Perform a Basic Search to Search Events or Tasks?

How Do I Perform an Advanced Search to Search for my Events or Tasks?

Recurring Events

How Do I Create a Recurring Event?


How Do I Manage My Invitations?

How Do I View All My Invitations?


In What Ways Can I Receive Reminders and How Do I set them?

Time Zones

How Do I set Time Zones for my Calendar?

How Do I Create an Event from My Email?


How Do I Quickly Create Tasks?

How Do I Create Tasks?

How Do I Edit Tasks that I Already Created?

How Do I Delete Tasks?

How Do I Search for a Task from My Calendar?


Calendar Views




Managing Calendars

How Do I Set Calendar Properties?

How Do I Share a Calendar?

How Do I Set Privacy Settings? (For CalDAV users)

How Do I Subscribe to a Calendar?

Importing and Exporting

Importing Calendars

How Do I Import Calendars Events and Tasks that I create in other Calendar Applications?

Exporting Calendars

How Do I Export my Events and Tasks?

Printing Calendars

How Do I Print Calendars?

Instant Messaging



How Do I Set Privacy Settings? (For CalDAV users)

You need to set the privacy settings if you are a CalDAV user. The privacy settings that you make are applicable to all your calendars. The CalDAV users can set only the access permission options such as, Read, Read+Write, and Owner permissions from the Share Calendar option. The scheduling permissions options such as, Check Availability, Check Availability+Invite, and manage are set from the Privacy Settings option.

To set the privacy settings:

  1. Click the down arrow next to Calendar Properties icon from the Calendar toolbar.

    The following options are available:

    • Calendar Properties: Provide the basic information about the calendar.

    • Share Calendar: Provide access permissions for your calendar.

    • Privacy Settings: Provide scheduling permissions for all your calendars.

  2. Select Privacy Settings to set the scheduling permissions.

    The Privacy Settings dialog is displayed.

  3. You can set the scheduling permissions to all the users by selecting the Scheduling Permissions option next to All users. Click the ( + ) icon at the end of the row add a user. Type the user name and then set the scheduling permissions.

  4. Click the down arrow in the Scheduling Permissions option.

    The following options are displayed.

    • None: Select this option if you do not wish to share your calendar with other users. This option indicates that the calendar cannot be shared.

    • Check Availability: Select this option to provide access to the owner's calendar for checking availability. This option only displays the owner's free or busy status. The event details are not visible to others. When other users add the owner to a calendar event, the owner receives an email with the event details in ICS format as an attachment.

    • Invite: Select this option to enable other users to invite the owner to a calendar event. The event is immediately added to the owner's calendar. This permission also includes the Check Availability access permission.

    • Manage: Select this option to enable users to manage the calendar event.

    You can add or remove rows by clicking on the plus or minus buttons provided at the end of each row.

  5. Click OK.

    The scheduling permissions are set.